The biennial National Boys’ Education Conference provides an opportunity for teachers and academics across disciplinary interests to: 

  • promote research in boys’ education
  • keep informed on best practice
  • consider future directions in learning and teaching of boys.

The National Boys’ Education Conference is committed to raising crucial questions relevant to today’s learning and teaching world, acknowledging the changing nature of learning environments, with a particular focus on how boys’ learn best. 

We invite delegates from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region to this exciting and important conference. Empowering our boys to learn is central to our mission for The National Boys’ Education Conference.

NBEC Must See for All Teachers

Click to download the keynotes from our most recent conference.

Dr Tim Hawkes (.pdf, 18.8mb)

Dr Simon Breakspear (.pdf, 1.9mb)

Donna Cross (.pdf, 1.6mb)

Ed Dixon (.pdf, 0kb)