National Boys’ Education Conference 2017

Boys to Men: Learning Today – Leading Tomorrow

On the Cusp of an Education Revolution

Mr Andrew Douch

We are living in the future! Social media, the democratisation of news, instant access to information, instant communication with people, de-specification of work hours, automation and globalisation have changed society more profoundly than many of us realise. But how will these societal changes impact our boys as they leave school, and how should schools be evolving in response? Change is uncomfortable, but it also provides exciting opportunities for those who are willing to re-invent themselves.

Many of our current teaching practices grew out of a time when teachers were constrained by technological limitations – now gone.  Realising this gives us the freedom to look with fresh eyes at the needs of our students and to redefine our classrooms to renew their relevance to young men growing up in a world quite different to the one in which we grew up.

There is no doubt that we are on the cusp of some of the biggest changes to take place in education since the Industrial Revolution. But what will those changes look like? How will the most effective teachers respond to those changes? What skills should today’s learners be developing to position themselves as tomorrow’s leaders?

Feel inspired, challenged and liberated as you consider anew the positive influence you have on the lives of the boys you teach, and the ways in which you can leverage simple technologies to maximise that influence. In this presentation, Andrew will challenge us to question some of the mental models we hold about teaching.