National Boys’ Education Conference 2017

Boys to Men: Learning Today – Leading Tomorrow

Redefining Classroom

Mr Andrew Douch

2017 is an exciting time to be a teacher! Access to computers is no longer an issue. Wi-Fi is available throughout our schools and devices have become increasingly easy to use, even for non-technical teachers!

Within a rapidly changing social, technological and economic landscape, the greatest challenge we face is no longer the provision of technology, but a revision of pedagogy.

In this presentation, Andrew will explain why he believes it necessary for teachers to adopt new approaches to teaching a new generation of boys. He will also show what those new approaches might look like, and demonstrate how emerging technologies make them possible.

His intention is not to promote ‘high-tech’ skills in teachers, but rather to encourage widespread adoption of easy-to-use tools, apps and websites that are ‘high-concept’, based on the latest research about what is effective in education and, consequently, will have the power to transform classroom interactions.