Lightning Session 1    8 October  12:20pm  

G [grit] + R [resilience] = C2 [centring on clay]

Mrs Sandy Frazer and Ms Olivia Frazer  [Loggia  Area]

Over the moon – Mindfulness and movement to calm the boy

Ms Edna Reinhardt and Ms Domenica Roche   [ Library Group Study ]

Science Centre
Looking back and within to move forward – Using collaborative and reflective practices

Ms Nichole Rouhliadeff and Ms Kirstina Moss  Lab 1

Towards a healthy digital diet

Ms Jill Sweatman  Lab 2

Character education – Which Learning Outcome is that?

Mr Jonathan Hensman  Lab 3

‘It ain’t what we do, it’s the way that we do it!’

Mrs Serena Lewis  Lab 4

Inquiry in the classroom: Money, money, money

Ms Annie Reuben and Mr Kale Kneale  Lab 5

STEM Industry Partnerships: real-world experiences to enthuse boys

Dr Brad Papworth  Lab 6

Culture, camaraderie, character – Building interschool relationships

Mr James Thorpe Lab 7

Connecting boys to critical learning – Designing creative, collaborative classrooms

Ms Jayne Harrison Lab 8

The Legacy Project – Year 1

Mr Christian Machar  Lab 10

The $10.9 billion question – Wellbeing

Mr Ben Bridges   Lab 11