Lightning Session 2     October 8   16.10pm Science Centre

Growth mindset environment – The role of EQ?

Mr David Idstein  Lab 10

Maximising the impact of character development in our schools

Mr Andrew Mansfield  Lab 11

The making of men – A community concern

Mr Steve Owen   Lab 8

More than a Few Good Men – We need a new conversation about the p*rn crisis

Ms Collett Smart  Lab 5

Engaging hearts, heads, and hands in the TKS Maker Place

Mrs Di Laycock and Mr Timothy Ross  ** Senior Library Seminar 1 

Gamifying collaborative problem-solving in Year 6 Mathematics

Mr Russel McCool  Lab 4

Over the moon – Mindfulness and movement to calm the boy

Ms Edna Reinhardt and Ms Domenica Roche  ** Senior Library Group Study

Into the sandbox – 4Cs in action in Geography

Mr Brendan Stewart   ** South Walk 9 (S9)

Can you speak BOY?

Ms Kylie Bowra   Lab 1

Visible mis-thinking

Mr Roger Kennett   Lab 6

The educational power of inclusive communities

Dr Gordon Paterson  Lab 2

Coming to our senses

Ms Annette Swinfield   Lab 7

G [grit] + R [resilience] = C2 [centring on clay]

Mrs Sandy Frazer and Ms Olivia Frazer ** Centre for Learning and Leadership Loggia