Lightning Session 3     9 October  11:30am   

Science Centre
Looking back and within to move forward – Using collaborative and reflective practices

Ms Nichole Rouhliadeff and Ms Kirstina Moss    Lab 1

Towards a healthy digital diet

Ms Jill Sweatman                 Lab 2

Empowering free range kids through character development

Mr Tim Jenkinson                Lab 3

Epic Win! Gamify your classroom with Classcraft

Mr David Collison and Mr Russel McCool   Lab 4

More than a Few Good Men – We need a new conversation about the p*rn crisis

Ms Collett Smart                Lab 5

“I’m a glorified MENimist”: Making sense of a ‘curriculum of manhood’

Ms Rachel O’Brien            Lab 6

The Legacy Project – Year 1

Mr Christian Machar          Lab 7

Connecting boys to critical learning – Designing creative, collaborative classrooms

Ms Jayne Harrison            Lab 8

Inspiring critical and creative thinking in lower ability students: A paradox!

Mrs Lucy Dalleywater      Lab 9

The power of Wilderness Retreats

Mr Tony Cunneen and Ms Veronica Kugananthan   Lab 10

Examination of character development through participation in Sports and Activities – Toowoomba Grammar model

Mr David Bell                  Lab 11

Turning gamers to writers: Engaging boys in the craft of writing

Mr Jack Goodman        Lab 12