Character Education – About the Boys

The $10.9 billion question – Wellbeing
Mr Ben Bridges

Wellbeing issues cost Australian businesses $10.9 billion annually (low productivity, employee absence, etc). This stems from students, particularly boys, experiencing higher stress levels than ever before. Cases of mental health issues continue to rise. Questions we need to ask:

1.  What are we doing as educators to address these issues?
2.  Beyond the counsellor, how can a classroom teacher have an impact on the wellbeing of a student?
3.  What impact does wellbeing have on students academically?
4.  Can a classroom teacher justify spending lesson time devoted to issues outside of the curriculum?

Together, we will discuss these questions and look at ways in which you, as a classroom teacher, can have a positive impact on your students: mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and academically. This interactive session will consider a variety of alternative strategies that have been tested and shown to help boys dramatically improve their overall wellbeing and academic results. This is an open session in which you are invited to share your ideas, strategies and experiences.


Ben Bridges is a teacher of Mathematics. With a BSc (Pure Maths) BEd, he taught at Northern Beaches Christian School before his appointment at The King’s School. An Assistant Housemaster (Boarding), Ben coaches football and basketball, hence his interest in character education and, in particular, student well-being.