Pedagogy with a Twist

Can you speak BOY?
Ms Kylie Bowra

As female educators, girl is our first language. As teachers of boys, it is important that we learn to speak boy? Why? How does an understanding of ‘genderlects’ and research into boys’ education guide our classroom practice and student outcomes?

In this interactive session, you will discover how to maximize the engagement of boys in your classroom using the research-based Cultures of Thinking (CoT)** philosophy from Project Zero (Harvard). Be prepared to be actively engage in some of the CoT routines that work for boys and will help YOU speak boy!

**Cultures of thinking – places where a group’s collective as well as individual thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted as part of the regular, day-to-day experience of all group members.


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Kylie Bowra is a dedicated Sydney-based teacher, international presenter, cultural caretaker, and facilitator who has earned the reputation as an innovative leader in the education space. Throughout the course of over three decades, she has cultivated extensive experience in boys’ education.

Currently, Kylie proudly serves as the Founder of Can You Speak Boy? and the Steering Committee Member of Project Zero Sydney (PZSyd). She is also a Learning and Teaching Innovator at St. Augustine’s College, Sydney. As an advocate of positive change, Kylie is on a mission to inspire and ignite as many young minds as possible. More specifically, she strives to promote a value-driven, leading edge, and specially tailored learning experience for adolescent boys.