Pedagogy with a Twist

Coming to our senses
Ms Annette Swinfield

Have you ever thought about how the sense of smell or taste or even hearing, touching and seeing can change the way your students learn? By appealing to the five senses within a learning environment, teachers can engage students, promote greater enjoyment whilst learning, and help students to develop better understanding. Through stimulating a sense or a number of senses at once, teachers can capture the attention of students of various abilities, even the reluctant learners!

This session will have you engaging all five senses as you learn how to develop a multisensory classroom.


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Annette Swinfield, (MEd BEd), has taught in various single sex and co-educational schools. She is currently the Head of History at Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview and has a role in the College’s Ignis Project which involves the reviewing of teaching and learning and the design of learning spaces. She began her career at Oakhill College (Castle Hill) where she was Gifted and Talent Coordinator. She has been Head of History at various schools, a lecturer in Curriculum and Education, as well as Practicum Field Based Coordinator at the Australian Catholic University.