Creativity and Innovation

Connecting boys to critical learning – Designing creative, collaborative classrooms
Jayne Harrison

For many boys, the classroom can be an uncomfortable, unfriendly and unproductive place. In this, the digital age, boys lead the way in developing the skills needed for the ‘knowledge jobs’ of the future.

Risk taking, being entrepreneurial, collaboration and creativity are all the behaviours that lead to success in today’s society. While boys are developing the skills they need for the ‘knowledge jobs’ of the future, schools and classroom are still often designed to prepare them for the industrial age of yesteryear.

In this lightning session, you will explore:

  •   how contemporary learning environments can support boys (and girls) in their learning, and
  •   what a learning environment, that fosters engagement, curiosity and creativity in your boys, needs to include.

And finally, I will share three amazing (but simple) design hacks you can implement to have students and teachers lining up to learn and teach in your school! 


Jayne Harrison is Principal and Founder of JDH Architects, a Sydney based architectural firm, synonymous with the creation of innovative contemporary learning environments. With over two decades of experience and 150+ educational projects under her belt, Jayne is renowned as one of Australia’s leading authorities on educational planning and design. She is a recognised expert speaker and facilitator in the fields of creative thinking and social system design.

Jayne’s current commissions include the NSW Department of Education where architects will contribute to improving learning facilities for over 5,000 learners, working hand in hand with the Futures Learning Unit to embed future focused learning and teaching practice in new and existing schools across NSW.