Character Education – About the Boys

Examination of character development through participation in Sports and Activities – Toowoomba Grammar model
David Bell

A perusal of the prospectus or website of any independent school will either explicitly or implicitly refer to the development of a student’s ‘character’. Sometimes, this development is the result of a boy’s participation in one or a series of specific school programs. Other times, the development can seemingly occur via a process of osmosis by simply being present in such an august environment.

With 93% of Senior School students involved in Sport and Activities at Toowoomba Grammar School (TGS), this portfolio should be able to define what it does for the character development of our boys as part of an overall program (including pastoral and academic facets).  This presentation seeks to explore the ways in which TGS delivers on its claims of developing the character of its students through their involvement in the school’s extensive Sport and Activities program.


David Bell (MEd, MBA) is an English teacher with wide administrative experience in independent schools.  David started as a senior English teacher at Brisbane Grammar School prior to travelling and teaching overseas for two years.  He was formerly Head of Year 12 (Ipswich Grammar School), and later he became Deputy Head of Middle School and Director of Staff Development (Churchie). Currently David is Director of Sport and Activities at Toowoomba Grammar School. David has been involved as a Boarding Master or Tutor since 1988 and also served fifteen years in an Australian Army Reserve Infantry unit.  On the co-curricular front, David coached fifteen different Queensland Rugby teams, winning five National Championships and also coached the Australia A Schools Rugby team in 2009.  David has presented papers at IBSC, ACE and ACEL conferences on topics such as Student Leadership, Promoting Gender Understanding and Peer Tutoring.