Character Education – About the Boys

More than a Few Good Men – We need a new conversation about the p*rn crisis
Ms Collett Smart

It is not often acknowledged, but our boys are also victims of the porn industry. Many boys have begun to recognise the destructiveness of porn within their social, emotional and physical lives. Many are trying to do the right thing – but they need our support.

They need mentors and strong role models to guide them through this murky water. And these role models and mentors need to be both equipped and brave enough to tackle these tough issues in our schools. Collett’s insights, based on research, will be the start of a new conversation.


Collett is a psychologist, qualified teacher, lecturer and writer.  With more than 20 years of experience working in private and public schools, as well as in private practice, she has regular appearances on radio and national television as an expert in teen and family issues. An international speaker, Collett is an Ambassador for International Justice Mission Australia.