Pedagogy with a Twist

Inquiry in the classroom: Money, money, money
Ms Annie Reuben & Mr Kale Kneale

What does inquiry look like when embedded into the NSW curriculum? This Lightning Session will explore how authentic inquiry enables boys to engage as learners. Enter the world of Year 4. Incorporating numeracy and literacy through the inquiry cycle approach to learning takes into consideration thinking routines, collaborative learning and opens the door to curiosity,

This hands-on session will include an activity that will have you creating a task through incorporating Kath Murdoch’s Inquiry Cycle with two thinking routines. Be prepared for a challenge and some fun while you engage in the inquiry cycle.


Murdoch, K. (2015). The power of inquiry. Melbourne, Seastar.
Ritchhart, R., Church, M. & Morrison, K. (2011). Making thinking visible. Chichester, Wiley &  Sons.


Annie Reuben is passionate about boy’s education, keeping students engaged and their learning meaningful. Over the past 16 years, she has worked at The King’s School Preparatory School as a learning support teacher and then a teacher of Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 4. More recently she has taken on the role as a Pedagogical Coach where she works alongside an amazing team of colleagues, encouraging best teaching practice in their classroom for the benefit of their students, school and community. She is passionate about reflecting and developing her own classroom practice.

Kale Kneale joined King’s in 2016 after spending 5 years teaching within the Catholic Education System. Prior to teaching, Kale spent the last 10 years touring as a musician around Australia, USA, New Zealand and Asia. He is passionate about the health and well-being of young people and also worked as a personal trainer. Kale has taught a wide-range of year levels and worked as a part time Music and PE teacher within Sydney Primary Schools. Kale strongly believes in the importance of authentic teaching through inquiry to help develop the next generation of ‘thinkers’ in the 21st Century.