Character Education – About the Boys

The making of men – A community concern
Mr Steve Owen

If you were to line up a number of teenagers or adult males, you would not know which are boys or which are men. In order to become a man, there needs to be a psychological shift in the way they think, see themselves and consider others. For some males, this shift never truly occurs and they remain in a self-centred mindset, requiring frequent acknowledgement and constant mothering. Unfortunately, our boys are being constantly bombarded by false and corrupt definitions of manhood that reduce the capacity for a genuine psychological shift from boy to man. As a community, how can we best define and promote authentic and honourable manhood within our schools?

Based on the work of Dr Arne Rubinstein, this session considers the journey from boy to man and how shared stories can be a powerful way of building community as well as sharing knowledge and wisdom. Within our school context, what opportunities can we utilise to share these rich and reflective stories. In this session, we will ‘dip our toes into the water’ by experiencing talking circle scenarios and other useful take-home strategies. The making of men is a pressing and crucial mission for all involved with boys’ education. This session will add to the conversation on developing men of outstanding character.


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With a MEd (Hons) behind him, Steve, the father of two boys aged 12 and 14, left his corporate role to be an educator after listening to a presentation by Steve Biddulph (Raising Boys). He is currently a teacher of Mathematics and a Day Boy Housemaster at The King’s School. Steve also is involved in The King’s School Cadet Corps, is a supervisor of boarding students and is a keen cricket coach.