Creativity and Innovation

Into the sandbox – 4Cs in action in Geography
Mr Brendan Stewart

This session is highly interactive and, hopefully, innovative as you experience a trio of class tasks that have proven to be exciting, engaging, hands-on and meaningful for boys in Geography. Fitting in with boys as kinesthetic learners who are more geared to ‘non-method’ teaching, these approaches to learning are based on boys developing their collaborative, creative and competitive skills as well as developing critical thinking skills.

  •  Group-based, team planned, peer assessed activity over one term. Outcome: vertical posters and a market day. The sky is the limit (Civics and Citizenship).
  •  Sandbox AR (Augmented Reality). Your chance to view the world from a different perspective. Visual and kinesthetic approach to learning firmly based on collaborative skills. Be dazzled and enjoy some fun as you critically examine topography, water sheds and drainage basins.
  •  MacGyver Session – homemade projector, geo-engineers and data miners work together to create a title page with a difference (applicable to most content). The learning experienced by the boys in this creative task was beyond teacher expectation.

Previously involved in the education software and training industry, Brendan teaches Geography at the The King’s School. Brendan is an Assistant Housemaster, Co-ordinator of the Student Representative Council, Co-ordinator of the World War II Under 16s, Captain (TKS) of the Cadet Corps and Acting Director of Leadership. Brendan is a father of two sons, aged 5 and 3 years. He is passionate about travel and, as the geographer he is, has visited 33 countries worldwide.