Pedagogy with a Twist

Towards a healthy digital diet
Ms Jill Sweatman

Decisions, overload, technology and learning. How much is too much? Today our young men must understand the right blend of technology and sound educational fundamentals to maximise their memory retention and reduce continual pressure to perform. And whose responsibility is it to guide them in this area? Their teachers? Their parents? Or both?
In this interactive session, you will hear:
1.  how learning is compromised in our technology saturated environments
2.  what exactly makes up a sustainable ‘healthy digital diet’
3.  how to maintain this ‘diet’ in the classroom
4.  the importance of communicating with parents about the joys and pitfalls of technology in the home
5.  why you must encourage and teach confident decision-making to your future male leaders


Jill Sweatman is a neuroscience strategist for learning and development. With a background as a teacher, Jill now guest lectures at universities, researches and writes for publications on current education practices, both nationally and internationally. She works closely with parents, students and professionals each week as part of her dedicated teaching, along with her research and studies in neuroscience. Jill’s website is worth a visit at