Pedagogy with a Twist

Visible mis-thinking
Mr Roger Kennett

The visible thinking movement has rightly highlighted the value of explicitly illuminating thinking to students is well summed up in the phrase understanding is the result of thinking.

However, in many conceptual areas in Science, the path to understanding is confounded by student mis-thinking that is both pervasive and resistant to correction. Making mis-thinking visible is a vital step in empowering students to develop plausible models to explain what they experience. In this lightning session, we will explore a few classroom strategies to make mis-thinking visible.


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Roger Kennett is Head of Science at The King’s School. He studied Science at Macquarie University and Education at Monash University (Clayton), beginning his teaching career as a Science teacher at Carey Baptist Grammar School (Melbourne). Later, he became Head of Science and ICT at St Paul’s Anglican College (Warragul, VIC). Since 2002, he has been teaching Science at The King’s School, in which he played a key role in the design of The King’s School Science Centre. In 2012, he co-founded The Future Project with colleague, Brad Papworth.