Guy Claxton

Visiting Professor King’s College London

“School should not be just a place for getting right answers to pass tests; it should be a real preparation for all kids to embark on life. We should narrow the gap between what learning is like in the real world and the way it is configured in school.”

Guy Claxton is Visiting Professor of Education at King’s College in London. A cognitive scientist, he has written and co-authored some exceptional books that focus
on learning cultures which foster creativity.  A strong proponent of the interconnection between character education and engaged learning, he believes that the individual is the designer, the architect, and the curator of his own learning. In short, he is asking how we as teachers help to develop minds that are not only creative, but curious and supple. Espousing 5 dispositions for embodied learning, he declares that any pedagogy that stifles these tendencies is miseducation and, in the case of boys, has a significant impact on how they learn. He bring his years of research and teaching into a learning environment which is highly digital, highly visible and highly accessible. At our Conference, Professor Claxton will help you re-think the relationship between the physical body and the brain from a learning perspective, as well as guide you in developing your understanding towards building learning power and developing creative mindfulness.

Opening Keynote         Parallel Keynote

Claxton, G. (2011). The learning powered school. Bristol, TLO.

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Claxton, G. (2016). Intelligence in the flesh: Why your mind needs your body much more than it thinks. London, Yale University Press.