Andrew Fuller

Clinical Psychologist, Researcher & Educational Consultant

Connecting, Protecting and Respecting Young People

Connecting, Protecting and Respecting Young People Andrew Fuller aims to create futures that people can fall in love with. His work in over 2,000 schools with more than 500,000 young people has identified the concept of The Resilient Mindset and also the three main components of resilience: connect, protect and respect (CPR).



Andrew is a Fellow at the University of Melbourne and has been a scientific consultant for the ABC. He is an ambassador for Adolescent Success, the Lion’s Club Alcohol and Drug Awareness Foundation, and Mind Matters. He has also been a principal consultant to the Department of Education’s Bully Stoppers initiative and the national drug prevention strategy REDI. Further, Andrew is a regular presenter on Radio National, and established a suite of neuroscience and education programs that address the promotion of mental health in schools, substance abuse prevention, the reduction of violence and bullying, suicide prevention, and assistance for homeless young people.