Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Psychologist, Social Commentator & Author

The Prince Boofhead Syndrome

While many young men play positive roles in their communities, do well at school and are a credit to their families and themselves. This presentation argues that there are a small but growing proportion of boys who are characterized by arrogance, conceit, a sense of superiority, excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. They exhibit fragile egos, an inability to tolerate criticism, and a tendency to belittle others in an attempt to validate their own superiority. This presentation talks about the origins of the syndrome and what schools and parents might do to prevent it.


Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s highest profile adolescent and child psychologists. He currently works with in private practice as well as consulting to Inowell a joint project between PWC, the University of Sydney and the Federal Government. He has worked as an academic, researcher, and political lobbyist. He is also the author of 12 books and is an Ambassador for Smiling Mind, Big Brothers Big Sister, and sits on the Board of the Family Peace Foundation and the National Centre Against Bullying.